Handmade Needle Felted Toadstools on Driftwood


Beautiful Handmade Needle Felted Toadstools on Driftwood
One of a Kind.

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Handmade Needle Felted White and Grey Toadstools
with light brown, yellow and grey fibre highlights,
on driftwood with moss.
Perfect for unique home decor.
(Not a toy) 

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OOAKK (One of a Kind Keepsakes)

One of  a Kind Keepsakes.


We sell one of a kind, handmade gifts, keepsakes, interior and exterior decor. 

Bringing  new life to old items and creating bespoke, personalised gifts and keepsakes aimed to preserve memories of loved ones or special life milestones.
A shirt, a coat turned into a keepsake bear treasuring possessions and memories left behind.
A spirit level, a binocular case, camera box, different tools with the help of an additional needle felted animal, are given a second chance. Each piece telling a story passed down to the next generation, otherwise abandoned to the loft, shed or worse still, landfill.

We are open for commissions.

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