Do you Love Where You Live


For many of us life has had to be more local in recent months. This has in many ways, made us all think a bit more about what is on out doorstep, it may even have helped us appreciate just how much we love where we live.

Being forced not to travel, gives us time to look around, take the time to see what we might have missed, hear what may have been silent or maybe to just breath and be happy with where we are.

Now as the country starts to come out of lockdown maybe it’s time to look a little harder at what is on your doorstep, all those little shops that you have walked past on your daily walks, all those pubs and cafes that have been closed. Guess what? They are all open again and maybe it is time for you to Love where you live, because if you do you might just make it ( and you) a little bit better.

See you all soon!